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The Monday after Thanksgiving is supposed to be a workday, but it has become a shopping day. It is estimated that Cyber monday 2015 cost employers an estimated $450 million in lost productivity due to online deal-hunting.

15 Shocking Facts About Holiday Shopping iStock The holidays bring out shoppers like no other time of the year, and if you get a little overwhelmed by the commercial bonanza, you’re not alone.

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Cyber Monday falls on Nov. 30 this year, and the shopping holiday is gaining traction over Black Friday for great buys. Here’s how to save even more money on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Facts & Myths The term Cyber Monday was dreamt up in 2005 by a marketing team at Shop.org, a division of the National Retail Federation. The idea was to provide online retailers with a catchy hook to match the brick-and-mortar shopping frenzy fueled by mention of Black Friday savings.

Evidently, Canadian shoppers found plenty of bargains online this Cyber Monday, which fell on December 2. Canadians spent 29.33 percent more online this year than last and also exceeded 2012 spending on Black Friday by a healthy 19.19 percent, according to figures released by Moneris, a leader in credit and.

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The answer to the question "When is Cyber Monday in 2019?" is known to every contemporary person all over the world. It is the marketing name for the day of week, which comes after the Black Friday (well-known day of huge discounts and sales) and it is considered to be its continuation.

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