Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise

The first month of 2016 brought both good news and bad news regarding bankruptcy filings. While U.S. bankruptcy filings decreased by 11%, dropping to 52,522, there was a rise in corporate bankruptcy. Compared to the previous year, January 2016 saw a 13% increase in businesses filing for bankruptcy.

Senior Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise. Posted on December 7, 2018. By: Crystal H. Thornton-Illar, Esq. Since 1991, bankruptcy filings by Americans who are 65 or older have tripled, according to data from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project.

The number of farms filing for bankruptcy is increasing across the Upper Midwest. A new analysis from the federal reserve bank of Minneapolis shows 84 farms filed for bankruptcy in Wisconsin,

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 · "The recent sharp rise in Chapter 7 filings may suggest that debtors and debtors’ attorneys may be engaging in opportunistic behavior; that is, employing the Chapter 7 filing.

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Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise. That’s an increase of 5 percent compared to this time a year ago. Filings per capita averaged 2.19 filings per 10,000 population. Fifty-nine percent of filings were 7 ratio bankruptcies. alabama and Tennessee were again ranked first and second in the number of filings per 10,000.

Bankruptcy cases can be filed under six different chapters of the American. This was the seventh consecutive annual decline in bankruptcy filings, down by.. interest rates are expected to rise in 2018, which would increase the carrying cost .

We find that increased uncertainty (income shocks, expense uncertainty) cannot quantitatively account for the rise in bankruptcies. Instead, the rise in filings.

Why are bankruptcy filings on the rise? Some people do everything right and still have to seek protection in the bankruptcy laws. But the biggest factor that has lead to filing bankruptcy is the easy availability of credit.

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 · Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise Again According to some reports, more individuals are reorganizing their debts and bankruptcy filings are on the rise. The increase is due to more individuals filing for Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings are actually down a little from past months.

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Household Debt Increases as Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise. According to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AOUSC), consumer filings fell 1.8 percent to 779,828 for the 12-month period beginning April 2017 through March 2018, compared to the prior 12 months when 794,492 consumers filed bankruptcy.