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Mortgage lenders may deny a loan when an mortgage applicant files a lawsuit because of the expected costs involved and uncertainty of the borrower’s financial stability. If a hopeful mortgage borrower can prove her attorney works on contingency or that she isn’t allowed an attorney, as in a small claims court action, the lender may choose to.

The 71-year-old Florida retiree has been fighting off the lenders ever. florida real-estate lawyers say it is the longest-lasting foreclosure. managed to avoid both paying her mortgage and losing her home, because of an illness that caused her to lose income and get behind. "It's almost like clockwork.

A quick note: a release of mortgage could happen when the mortgage is paid off, or could also happen in a "deed in lieu" foreclosure, where the family gets a release of mortgage and agrees to hand over the home without debt. Given Residential credit solutions’ profile as a delinquent loan specialist, the latter is more likely in my opinion.

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Foreclosure law provides the means for a mortgage lender to take possession and sell a home when the borrower has defaulted on the loan. The money from the sale is used to pay off the balance of the loan, and the new buyer takes the home free of the mortgage.

Your mortgage company wants to help you avoid foreclosure and, in most cases, will be willing to work with you. The biggest mistake you can make is to wait any longer to take action. Contact your mortgage company today to determine if you are eligible for a Mortgage Release.

Does South Carolina law allow for a mortgage deficiency? Yes. Some states only allow for "strict foreclosure" where the lender has the right to gain title of the property, but not seek a deficiency from the borrower. However, South Carolina foreclosure law allows the lender to seek a deficiency. See S.C. code ann. 29-3-660. What is a.

Foreclosing on a commercial mortgage is generally the lender’s last resort when a borrower defaults. But when foreclosure is necessary, the lender will want to accomplish the task as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Often, foreclosure can be accomplished without involving a court, such as.

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