Don’t Just Write What You Know—Write What You Feel

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Second, you need to get a feel for what the company stands for. What are its goals? Who are its customers? What are its challenges? Is the culture informal, or stodgy? Knowing these things will help.

The lack of act has its own momentum, too – don’t write today, and tomorrow you wonder if this is really who you are, if this is what you’re meant to do, and so the next day you think it’s just not happening, the Muse isn’t there, the inspiration hasn’t lit a fire under your ass yet, the rats don’t feel like they’re gnawing at.

How to Choose Your Next Story to Write What if I told you that kicking off. and the health of loved ones are just a few of the many things that make us fret.

Often when you don’t feel like writing, the first few paragraphs don’t come out very well. It feels a little like stuttering, and you may be tempted to just pack it in for the day. Here’s where you’ve got to lower your standards and give yourself some slack. The trick is to allow yourself to write badly. It doesn’t matter.

But avoiding writing simply because you don’t feel like it is a huge mistake. Those times when you don’t feel like writing are arguably the most important times to write. You won’t miraculously "get over" writer’s block-you must go through it. It’s not easy, but it’s the only way.

5 Journal Prompts to Inspire You in Your Recovery.. Don’t let it. Getting in touch with yourself and your feelings is essential to recovery, and the journal is a safe space in which to do that.. how would you know? Write about a day without an eating disorder – what you might do, say, feel and think.