Loan Modification Guidelines in the Northern District of California

In many jurisdictions, including the Northern District of California where Moran law group practices, judges will not approve a reaffirmation of a home mortgage. So even if a debtor proposed to reaffirm a home loan, it wouldn’t be allowed. Rejection is simply bank policy

Among the types of documents the SEC is seeking are loan underwriting guidelines, due diligence reports. Wells Fargo & Co, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 12-mc-80087.

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Northern District of California is Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as Trustee, et. al. v. City of Richmond, California and mortgage resolution partners llc, Case No. CV-13-3663. Our.

NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA In re MORTGAGE MODIFICATION MEDIATION PROGRAM. GENERAL ORDER 29 The Court being advised of bankruptcy mediations programs which have successfully enabled mortgage modifications and confirmation of Chapter 13 plans, hereby issues the following general order: 1.

On February 11, 2010, Ohayon and Papera were indicted in federal court in the Northern District of California for conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering. Ohayon and Papera.

Real trouble spots include parts of Nevada, Florida, and Ohio, and here in California, the highest delinquency. FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair has suggested guidelines to target and streamline the.

๐Ÿ™ We have been fighting with OCWEN so called Loan Servicing Co. for 3 years. Our case is now in Federal Court and Hopefully we will get some type of gratification. If any of you are trying to get a Loan Mod. from these incompetent F___KS GOOD LUCK!! I hate to be the barrier of bad news, But, that is their way of getting you to owe more money.

Mortgage Foreclosure Deficiency Judgment Deficiency Judgments After Foreclosure: Bankruptcy And Non-Bankruptcy Solutions. As a result of the sale, there is a deficiency of $25,000. The bank has until December 1, 2015 to file a deficiency action. If it does not, it cannot obtain a deficiency judgment, and the $25,000 deficiency is unenforceable.

The program aims to provide consistent loan modification guidelines for the mortgage industry and to provide incentives for borrowers, servicers, and invest ors to participate. To be eligible for a HAMP loan modification, a borrower must, in addition to meeting other criteria, be either delinquent on their mortgage