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Adoption Journey – We See the Same Moon. Holidays 2009 in Lake Tahoe. Our Red Thread Journey. Our road to adopting en-yang. christmas 2009 9 years ago. If you are interested in helping administrate this site by adding new found blogs and deleting blog listings that have broken links or are.

-adoption -advocacy -special needs -Chinese special needs -China. Made in China, with Love Blogging about adoption, family, and special needs advocacy. Facebook Fan Page. Facebook Fan Page;. After reading about Red Thread Sessions a few months after I brought Christian home, I knew I.

Blog; In China; Timeline . I-800 Update. 7/22/2011. China Adopt Talk China Adoption. Categories. All Care Package China trip meili paper chase photos video. Red Thread "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch.

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to any new people who are coming here from enty’s twitter link or for epstein news, i hope you guys know that it’s been a little nastier here than usual. this is a gossip blog not a place for news or journalism, so a lot of what you read here is not ever going to be verified or may not be true. enty’s been making some long-time readers mad with.

Red Thread Advocates spoke with WACAP staff to discuss the recent changes in the adoption requirements from China. WACAP helped us make this "chart" which explains the way they have interpreted the new rules. Please know that this might not be the way that all agencies are interpreting the policies, and it seems that waivers can.