Two more bankruptcy preparers facing possible criminal contempt charges

Fourth DCA Confirms Association Lien Foreclosure Valid Despite Pending Mortgage Foreclosure – Arias Bosinger 2006 New York Code – Laws: Lien : (40 – 65) Enforcement Of Liens On real property article 3 – ENFORCEMENT OF LIENS ON REAL PROPERTY 40 – Construction of article. 41 – Enforcement of mechanic’s lien on real property. 42 – Enforcement of a lien under contract for a public improvement. 43 – Action in a court of record; consolidation of actions.

Bankruptcy petition preparers charge a few hundred dollars. for the documents required in a Chapter 7 or chapter 13 personal bankruptcy petition. As with any other process, a petition preparer may not give you legal advice, and may not represent you in court. Your preparer is not allowed to tell you which type of bankruptcy you should file.

There are two kinds of contempt: civil and criminal.. A defendant muttering an obscenity during a hearing, on the other hand, may not show direct criminal contempt.. to appear at a hearing, she may face charges for indirect criminal contempt.. Auto Accident (Spanish), Aviation, Aviation Accidents, Bankruptcy, Business.

If held on a judgement of civil contempt charge, though i have no money or assets, can i file bankruptcy and the charges go away I am suppose to pay 55k to my childs mother under a judgement of civil.

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A more serious Assault where there is physical injury to the protected party will elevate the charge even further to Aggravated Criminal Contempt. Your Case, Your Defense, Your Future While every case involving New York Orders of Protection is unique, arrests for each of the degrees of this crime carries a much greater stigma.

Section 1481 of Title 28 provides that a bankruptcy court "may not . . . punish a criminal contempt not committed in the presence of the judge of the court or warranting a punishment of imprisonment." Rule 9020 does not enlarge the power of bankruptcy courts.

Norfolk bankruptcy petition preparer sentenced on fraud charge. disregarding a bankruptcy law and criminal contempt.. to retain attorneys or more expensive bankruptcy petition preparers.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Guidelines The following are guidelines concerning the conduct and compensation of bankruptcy petition preparers (as defined in section 110 of the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. 110)) who are not attorneys and who assist debtors in filing voluntary bankruptcy petitions (under Chapter 7 , 11, 12 or 13), or in preparing.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Contempt of Court U.S. Attorney’s Office March 03, 2010 District of Maryland (410) 209-4800

Two bankruptcy petition preparers in Wisconsin are in big trouble with the Court, facing possible criminal charges. Jennifer Abbott, who is a disbarred attorney, was cited with contempt by a bankruptcy judge.