Zombie Foreclosures and the Crucial Role of Judges

BQ Experts/Florida/Refinance/Consumer Credit Information/All About The couple, with a pristine credit. loans, which have gone unserviced for 60 days or more, were taken out after 2005. And non-payment is increasing not just in hard-hit states such as California:.

Zombie foreclosures and the crucial role of judges Share List By: Gregg Hagopian Published: April 4, 2016 In February, RealtyTrac reported that one in four U.S. foreclosures are "zombies": homes where the owner has vacated the property but the lender isn’t proceeding diligently to end the case and so hasn’t taken ownership.

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How Judges Can Help prevent zombie foreclosures. While there are laws in some states that shorten the foreclosure process for an abandoned property, improved judicial supervision is also needed to oversee mortgage-foreclosure cases and prevent zombies. In the interest of advancing cases, a judge could, for example,

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The courts also play a crucial role. Improved judicial supervision of mortgage-foreclosure cases can prevent zombies, lessen blight and strengthen neighborhoods. Judges can take simple steps to net huge neighborhood-improving results by exercising the court’s power to control court dockets and manage cases.